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Le Kinh Tai was born in 1967 in Da Nang. He graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, Ho Chi Minh in 1997 and now lives in Saigon. As a unique artistic phenomenon of contemporary painting, Le Kinh Tai is like a drop of bold color falling freely on canvas, on his joyful artistic journey. "The silver-haired infant" is the stage name people give him when looking at the pictures painted with the "infant mind". Liberal, obedient but full of the spirit of life, the source of life is very natural and natural. In each of his works, Le Kinh Tai does not care about beauty or bad, because for him, art in everyone's eyes is aesthetic, without a scale, there is no certain standard. Draw and live, bring the confrontations in everyday life, the arguments in the inner mind, the questions turned into drawings. And just like that, he was like a "reverse transformation", with a infant's mind, playing with colors, drawing colors, being vibrant and freedom.

When I'm forced to face loneliness, which always goes hand in hand and mostly hinders the dreams and ambitions of youth, I always remind myself to "read" again each part of the olden days and nurture its hope.

In every step of trying to conquer myself, I keep reminding myself 'Whoever I am', to always fill up with the freshest energy. I still remind myself "Whoever I am", not to be enticed by momentary success.

The series "Whoever I Am" was created to show appreciation for life and how grateful I am for my existence in this life...

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