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The 8th olfactory masterpiece, CREATION8, evoking the essence of opulent soirées. This elixir, a harmonious blend of green-ozonic notes, boasts a soothing melody of grapefruit, cinnamon, mint, and ancient wood. Its alluring warmth and polished sophistication are woven with a contemporary allure, culminating in a sweet aftertaste of leather, amber, and smoky tobacco. This aroma, perfect for any occasion, possesses a distinct character that has captured the hearts of Jillian's patrons. A symphony of herbs, ancient woods, and leather, this scent is versatile enough to accompany one on daily endeavors or adventures amidst nature's embrace.

Fragrance family: Woody Oriental
Style: Personality, Creativity, Liberal



Experience the scent with the 2.5ml test set before deciding. Click to see


"Creation8," the eighth gem in Jillian's treasury of scents, unfurls with a tropical symphony, where grapefruit and pink grapefruit dance in harmony. Like a zephyr from Italian shores, it whispers of azure waves, stirring the soul with its vibrant essence. This enchanting elixir weaves a tapestry of opulence, evoking visions of leisurely voyages on a yacht, beholding the splendor of Capri's enchanting shores.