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"Intangible" bears Mark Buxton's DNA: artistry, possessing its own identity, and especially not "popular". We have to spend time slowly contemplating it in order to fully understand the beauty that lies within its layers. Taking his favorite leather note as a base, Mark continuously builds up, adding other notes until he achieves the perfect balance of a color palette. An extraordinary masterpiece of the art of scent was created. The drops of this noble fragrance burst as soon as they touch the skin, releasing a clean and embracing aroma, like soft hands caressing themselves. The scent gradually becomes more abundant, then blooms and becomes enveloping. Intangibles are filled with flowers and fruits. That is the wild combination of fragrant floral aromas, brimming with the succulent peaches and melons, the lusciousness of bergamot and mandarin, which are then topped up with sweet vanilla and caramel chords. Together, they comfort, warm, and fill souls with joy like a melodious love song. The chord was then ended with calm Cedar wood and musk notes. Only a light, clean, and soothing milky scent remains.

Fragrance family: Floral fruity
Style: Extraordinary, Noble, Wild



Experience the scent with the 2.5ml test set before deciding. Click to see


Tea time at the beautiful
Sacher Hotel in Vienna: a lady joins the room while using a beautiful yet impressive violet hat. This is decorated with a large matching shaped feather array and sinamay loops.
Extraordinary, sumptuous and wild. This memory, is the muse to the INTANGIBLE composition. Showing sophistication paired with courage.