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Jillian Switzerland


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Jillian Switzerland welcomes you to indulge in the world’s beauty through fresh scents blending premium ingredients and the Swiss perfumery art.


Founded in 2019 by a group of scent enthusiasts and prestigious perfumers, UCC Switzerland GmbH (UCC) is a Swiss company that specializes in research and development of scents and fragrant products. Products of UCC use the best ingredients from leading fragrance houses in the world, mainly from LUZI, one of the top Swiss fragrance houses founded in 1926. 

UCC owns Jillian Switzerland, a global luxury perfume brand created by world leading perfumers in Switzerland and France. 

Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland

UCC Switzerland GmbH portrays itself as "The Caring Company" carrying the mission of catering to our green planet. Investors and perfumers in the company have grown increasingly worried about the consequences of climate change as well as the community's lack of knowledge about the need to safeguard and maintain the environment.

They wished to establish a brand that can explore the limitless potential of natural essences, therefore contributing to nature and improving the public's awareness of the gifts that nature offers as well as why we ought to give back. In 2019, Jillian Switzerland was founded as a Swiss perfume business that combines exquisite ingredients and Swiss craftsmanship to develop quality scented products. 100% of the company's profits will be donated to afforestation in underdeveloped nations.


A Swiss brand with the goal of honoring the essence of nature with the exquisite craftsmanship of the world's leading perfumers.

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A female name of Latin origin, which means “Sweet-heart”

 She owns a pioneering spirit, a natural born leader, full of drive and determination. Jillian thrives on change and likes exploring new ideas, meeting new people, and discovering exotic places. Jillian is romantic idealist with an ability to influence others. Jillian is bold enough to take risks and create her own path towards success.

Jillian is loving, caring and passionate.

Jillian Switzerland
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Being created with love for people and Nature from the world’s leading perfumers, Jillian Switzerland is the Perfume of Love. The love of Jillian includes three levels of meaning, just like a perfume consists of three layers. 


Love Yourself

Jillian encourages users to express their love and care for themselves by choosing unique and premium fragrances in care products.


Love Others

Wearing a Jillian fragrance to meet people or giving gift of Jillian perfume to others is a way to show love in a delicate manner.


Love Nature

As Jillian perfumes crafted from essences of Nature, the brand is committed to creating environmentally friendly products and contributing to planting trees for a greener world. 


 In July 2023, Jillian Switzerland launched its three signature perfumes, Intangible, Fall in Lust, and Come Out in Europe. These are the creations of three of the world’s most talented perfumers, Mark Buxton, David Chieze, and Mirella Pomina.


Knowing the classical olfactory structures allows us to spontaneously form a creative idea, the same way a music composer, who develops a small melody that she or he has in mind, makes a symphony. 

Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland

"When Perfume meets Art" is Jillian Switzerland's collaborating campaign to explore the multi dimensions of the olfactory art by integrating it with other forms of art. Our first campaign is the launching of Come Out in collaborating with the Vietnamese contemporary artist Le Kinh Tai. 


Besides 12 perfumes being launched, Jillian Switzerland also carries premium lines of fragrant shower gel scented candles. The portfolio is being expanded through research and development work carried out by 15 talented perfumers in laboratories across Zurich and Paris. Once successfully tested, fragrances are produced in Zurich, Switzerland and bottled in Grasse, France, the world’s capital of perfume.

Jillian Switzerland

Recycling instructions

The glass bottle and cardboard box are recyclable. Please dispose them in the appropriate recycling bins

Made in France

Jillian perfumes are bottled in Grasse, France, with fragrances created in Switzerland

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Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland
Jillian Switzerland
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