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Fall in Lust perfume by David Chieze for Jillian Switzerland. Lomo photo by Maika Elan


The fragrance takes us back to a memory of David Chieze, when he was wandering in the jungle of France. The smell of moist soil, moss, and resin from conifers filled the chest with refreshments. 

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Exclusivity and uniqueness, featuring exquisite ingredients, with complex and layered scents crafted by master perfumers. The scent collection of Jillian Switzerland represents the art of scent in its highest form.


Jillian Switzerland perfume INTANGIBLE and FALL IN LUST

The first collaboration between perfume and contemporary art

Le Kinh Tai and Come Out perfume by Mirella Pomina for Jillian Switzerland

Who am I? Who I used to be? And who am I going to be? "Proud, Exquisite, and Individual - Come Out is the layer that fits your inner self, expressing all the innermost pursuits.

Le Kinh Tai and Come Out perfume by Mirella Pomina for Jillian Switzerland

Knowing the classical olfactory structures allows us to spontaneously form a creative idea, the same way a music composer, who develops a small melody that she or he has in mind, makes a symphony. 

Perfumer Mark Buxton and David Chieze for Jillian Switzerland perfume
Lomo photo of photographer Maika Elan for Jillian Switzerland perfume

The wordplay of "My Darling!", Jillian conveys the love through three layers: top note - love yourself, middle note - love each other, and base note - love nature. Crafted with deep affection, Jillian scents embrace one's fondness, delight, and wildness. It is the perfume of love.

Being crafted with deep affection from the world's leading perfumers, Jillian scents embrace one's fondness, delight, and wildness; it is the perfume of love. Discover Jillian Switzerland's best selling fragrances and its inspirational stories!

Jillian Switzerland HONEY AND BEE perfume


Inspired by a wedding in Tuscany, the scent is the crystallization of the most beautiful things of Italian summer: refreshing grapefruit and passion fruit with soothing magnolia.

The fragrance of a French chic. Not flaunting loudly, this fragrance gently leaves impressions in every movements. The effortless sophistication.  

Jillian Switzerland EDELWEISS perfume


Inspired by the flower of the same name and is considered to be the national flower of Switzerland. The overarching impression is clarity, sophistication and absolute purity. 

Jillian Switzerland perfume


The perfumes like an echoes, inviting you to an adventure, a motionless journey to the scent universe of Jillian.

Jillian Switzerland perfume


A bath & body collection to take care of yourself at home, a short break after the exciting journeys

Jillian Switzerland perfume


To keep for yourself or to give as a gift. The set allows you to enjoy a high-end old factory experiences.

Recycling instructions

The glass bottle and cardboard box are recyclable. Please dispose them in the appropriate recycling bins

Made in France

Jillian perfumes are bottled in Grasse, France, with fragrances created in Switzerland

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