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Jillian Switzerland's Come Out fragrance was honored at the L'Officiel Beauty Choice Awards 2023 in the esteemed category of Artistic Collaboration of the Year on the evening of December 19.

The fragrance, introduced in 2022, was crafted by Senior Perfumer Pomina Mirella, drawing inspiration from the artwork 'Whoever I am' by renowned contemporary artist Le Kinh Tai. The first 200 bottles of Come Out are unique, with each label bearing a distinct section of the painting, and each detail meticulously finished by the artist himself. Through this fragrance, Jillian Switzerland aims to convey the message of an individual's journey in discovering their true self through a signature scent. Niche perfumes exude an exciting and unique kind of scent that is difficult to find, now embracing even greater value by taking inspiration from contemporary artwork.

While the fragrance was created and evaluated in Switzerland, artist Le Kinh Tai directly joined the last crucial step in finishing its packaging in Vietnam. Each perfume bottle has the artist's typical hand-drawing icon and signature. The product thus reaches another level of craftsmanship in all aspects: a distinctive hand-crafted label, Jillian logo engraved zamac cap, hand-polished glass bottle, and transparent pipe letting customers enjoy the artwork through the bottle.

The success of Come Out has spurred the creative and development team in Zurich, Paris, and Grasse to produce more works honoring not just the art of perfumery but also Vietnamese art. Subsequent to Come Out, the team launched two new fragrances, INTANGIBLE, crafted by Mark Buxton, and FALL IN LUST, created by David Chieze, as part of chapter 2 of the 'When perfume meets Art: SEE THE INTANGIBLE' series. This accolade serves as a motivation for the team to continue their pursuit of excellence in the art of perfumery and beyond.

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