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Mirella Pomina - an Italian Swiss perfumer, who has been a perfumer for over 22 years. Starting as a chemist, Mirella brings a fragrance perspective that harmonizes between her scientific background and artistic work. To her, creating fragrances means being able to express her own ideas and bringing joy to people. Living in the canton of Thurgau in the countryside, known for its apple orchards, and as well as its viticulture century-old tradition, Mirella sees fragrance as a wonderful way to enrich everyday life with positive vibes and create an inviting atmosphere. An artistic soul combined with a scientific mind and a passion for flowers and landscapes give me the feeling of having arrived at the right place. Instead of straining harshly, Mirella gently walks around thousands of natural ingredients while immersing herself in the colorful incense gardens. She always aspires to find herself through a completely new and disruptive lens each day with a sophisticated and passionate gaze. Sparkling and magical, the scents under her hands are unmistakable and bring us to our own stages and shine.

Passionate about music and about arts. Always thriving inspiration from nature, the mountains and from travels. Always taking the day as it comes with a good attitude and putting these positive emotions in all her compositions – just magical and charming.

Mirella Pomina (2022)

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