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At the age of 21, Mark Buxton was able to distinguish the scent of 600 perfume bottles through just one smell. Prominent perfumer Mark Buxton is famous for his top-notch perfume compositions by the houses of Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Versace, Salvador Dali, Chopard, Cartier, Ferre, as well as for his long-term cooperation with niche house of Comme des Garcons. His motto is: “Simplicity is the ultimate degree of luxury.” Besides, he also cooperates with famous niche perfume brands such as Riaz Dan Perfumes, Elternhaus, Wiener Blut, Linari Perfumes, House of Sillage, Zoe Karssen to bring unique scents to the world. He is also the creator of the perfume L’air de Panache for the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” directed by Wes Anderson. In 2010, he became a co-founder of Nose, a space in Paris that specializes in introducing and selling the world’s most famous niche perfumes. At the age of 50, he has accomplished nearly everything any perfumer would aspire to do. Mark Buxton is recognized as one of the true legends of the scent world. As Jillian’s chief perfumer, Mark Buxton strongly influences the brand’s niche and premium fragrance development. He is also the creator of INTANGIBLE - the niche perfume to be launched in 2023.

Grateful and intuitive. The possibility that products worldwide bear this olfactory signature is his motivation and a way of self-expression. Mark is a bonvivant - always trying to "leave a mark" on this stimulus-flooded world.

Mark Buxton (2023)

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