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“My childhood was surrounded by love. I grew up amidst lush fields, trees, and the vibrant Northern Delta of Vietnam. This environment shaped me into the person I am today – a free-spirited sentimental dreamer easily moved by both joy and sadness. Yet, I am grateful for being able to experience such deep emotions.

I strongly believe that children nurtured in nature and surrounded by familial love grow up to be compassionate individuals. This conviction fuels my dream of creating safe, nurturing environments for children, envisioning happy communities, green spaces, and flourishing forests for future generations. 

Through UCC Europe, I strive to build a sustainable future where humanity lives harmoniously with nature. Our vision is a world where natural resources are protected, communities prosper, and everyone can savor life's simple pleasures. Rooted in my love for nature and passion for future generations, I cultivate the treasures of the natural world for the well-being of tomorrow.”

“Your perfume makes you feel the best version of you… it should inspire you to love yourself, love others, and love Nature in a meaningful way” - Jang Kều (JK)

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The story begins

Jang Kều also known as JK, is a respected leader and influential figure in Vietnam, who is renowned for her unwavering commitment to nature and vast expertise in the fragrance sector. She demonstrates her dedication to conservation, resilience, and environmental initiatives as the founder and chairperson of the Sông Foundation for ten years. She also serves as the chairperson of GroupG Asia Pacific with over two decades of experience in the fragrance industry and collaborates with big names in this industry.

Combining her two greatest passions, JK established UCC Europe, a perfume company dedicated to preserving our planet. Partnered with LUZI, a Swiss fragrance house established in 1926, and a team of renowned perfumers, UCC Europe launched Jillian Switzerland, a quiet luxury perfume brand with a sustainability focus, reflecting their mutual vision.

About Jang Kều: 

About Sống Foundation:

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